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Media contract management

Whether it’s a head start or fresh-start – the right payment model and contract is vital to help maintain costs and keep your agency on-track. Services include:

  • Analysis of current contracts and payment model
  • Establishing performance metrics
  • Benchmarking and cost management within current contract
  • Development of reporting templates for continuous accountability

Media technology assessments

Never before has technology played such a pivotal role in media so understanding the new landscape is essential for marketers. We help with:

  • Evaluation of technology solutions, roles, responsibilities and ROAS
  • RFI creation for DSP, DMP, Social / Search
  • Pitch management and proposal evaluation
  • Benchmarking and cost management within current contract
  • Activation and management strategies

Media Excellence and KPI development

Media excellence and best practice is now required to manage complexity, provide transparency and avoid fraud including:

  • Evaluation of digital media performance and reporting protocols
  • Development of direct response (sales) metrics and longer term brand metrics
  • Identification of best reporting tactics, tools and optimization strategies

Media Agency Management

You put a lot of trust (and money) into your media agency – robust management tools can help give your company peace of mind across:

  • Evaluation of agency planning, buying, measurement and reporting technologies
  • Identifying areas for improvement and better performance
  • Identify potential roadblocks and propose solutions
  • Develop client – agency media playbook

Digital Media Training

From Digital Media 101 to advanced data strategies your team can be empowered to better manage digital media initiatives:

  • Custom 1 – 2 day curriculums for marketers of all levels
  • Topics include Video, Display, Programmatic, Benchmarking, Targeting strategies, Reach / Frequency management, as well as tactical social tool management

Media Future Proofing

How up-to-date is your company in managing digital media and your agencies? We can help with:

  • Assessment of your current media operation, team, and their respective roles and responsibilities
  • Assessment of your agency’s operation and capabilities relative to your scope of work
  • Setting objectives and milestones for media evolution and growth

Media Kimono: Cost / Quality / Supply Chain Verification

Here’s where we open the kimono on your digital media activity across all of the following:

  • Supply chain assessment and real-time tracking of digital spend and CPM competitiveness
  • Buy Composition to define what, where and when media was bought across all digital partners
  • Price Transparency verification to unveil raw media, data and 3rd party service costs
  • Real-time tracking and customized reporting to obtain sustainable efficiencies and greater value

Trial Benchmarking Buy

Benchmark your incumbent agency or see how smart shortlisted agencies are during a pitch:

  • A trial benchmarking buy to reveal exactly where your ads are running and where the money’s going
  • For incumbent agency evaluation or shortlisted agencies during a pitch
  • Once defined, use the result as the benchmark for future media buys